Site Assessment

Apollo Technology provides site assessment services for different industrial clients, as shown in the table below:


Site / Client

Type of Industry

Type of Pollutant

EPA / More than 100 Abandoned Plants

Electronic Parts and Components Manufacturing etc.

VOC, SVOC, Heavy Metals

EPA / More than 60 Operating Plants

Computer Components, Chemical Manufacturing etc.

Chlorinated Solvents

Cerberus / More than 20 Bad-debt Sites

Leather, Fibers Manufacturing etc.

VOC, SVOC, Heavy Metals

EPA / Potential Groundwater Contaminated Sties


VOC, SVOC, Heavy Metals

EPA / Gas Station and Storage Tank

Gas Stations / Petrochemical

BETX, TPH and Other Petrochemicals

Taipei County EPB / Zn-Tai Plant

Cholroalkali and PVC Manufacturing


Ever Fortune / RCA, Tao Yuan Site

TV Set Manufacturing

Chlorinated Solvents

Philips Electronics / Chu-Pei Plant

Computer Components Manufacturing

Chlorinated Solvents

Formosa Petrochemical / Tank Farm

Petroleum Refineries


TCF / Du-Chi-Un Plant

Aluminum Refining and Smelting

VOC, SVOC, Heavy Metals

Taichung City EPB / Chin-Un plant

Metal Surface Treating

VOC, SVOC, Heavy Metals

Du Pond / Wirex Plant

Other Computer Components Manufacturing

VOC, SVOC , Heavy Metals

EPA, ITRI / China Petrochemical Ann-Shun Plant

Cholroalkali and PCP Manufacturing

Mercury, PCP, Dioxins