Chemical Substances Inventory

Apollo Technology is executing two projects for the Taiwan Toxic and Chemical Substances Bureau, TCSB

1. The Project for Inventory, Analysis and Application of the Information on  Existing Chemical Substance Registration.

2. The Project for Integrating the Capacity of Alternatives to Animal Testing and Supporting Development of New Alternative Methods for Chemical Safety Assessment.

The added value of Apollo Technology is as follows:

1. Assisting Taiwan's government in the collection and analysis of data gaps in priority existing chemical substances.

2. Reviewing the data of open resources and coordination of the application of information as well as the  registration of the dossier preparation.  

3. Consulting services for alternative to animal testing method under regulations of new and existing chemical substances registration.

4. Application of Registration data on GHS (Globally Harmonized System of classification and labeling of chemicals.)

5. Technical dossier preparation or updates for toxicology and eco-toxicology assessment.

6. Assisting Taiwanese firms to review the results of the hazard classification in SDS (Safety Data Sheet).

7. Comprehensive regulatory information and registration proposal service.