Our History

1995 Foundation of Apollo Technology

A team of five groundwater experts set up Apollo Technology. The first project was a groundwater survey and site assessment, and the first contract was signed with CNPC and the Environmental Protection Agency.


2000 First wave of growth

The team grows to 15 specialists and begins to work on site remediation projects using techniques such as soil vapour extraction (SVE) or enhanced bioremediation (EB). The client base was expanded to include local governmental agencies (e.g. Kaohsiung Environmental Protection Bureau), industrial clients and gas stations.


2010 Significant growth and technology Bloom

Advanced technologies, including remediation of heavy non-aqueous dissolved phase liquids (DNAPLs), smart characterisation surveys (SCM) and surgical precision remediation (SR), are being implemented by a team of 60 experts.


2019 Integration within Veolia

Apollo Techn joins Veolia Group, the global leader in optimized resource management.