About Apollo

Apollo Technology was founded in 1995. It provides services for the investigation and remediation of contaminated sites and soils, closure and redevelopment of landfills, environmental risk and impact assessment and compliance consulting. Apollo Technology fully understands the requirements of Taiwan's relevant laws and regulations and the spirit of the legislation; uses a variety of innovative technologies and carries out various projects in a cost-effective and timely manner. Our clients are state-owned enterprises, private companies, developers or land managers and governmental agencies.

Apollo Technology's team members include experts in various fields, including environmental engineering, chemistry/chemical industry, agrochemistry, hydrogeology, biology, soil and water conservation, civil engineering, mechanical and electrical engineering, etc. More than 70% of the members have a master's degree or higher (10 of them have a PhD), and almost half of them have a professional technician's licence issued by the government.

The Apollo team cooperates fully to keep the company moving forward with the times. We provide quality services and ensure customer satisfaction, and accomplish our missions quickly while carrying out environmental protection.